Telangana EAMCET – II Paper Leak Conformend, New Dates for TS Eamcet 3 Exam

By | August 2, 2016

Updates 5: On, 02-Aug-2016, Telangana Government has taken action on TS Eamcet 2 Results 2016, they have canceled the TS Eamcet 2 Results 2016. And making arrangments for TS Eamcet 3 Exam Date. The new dates for TS Eamcet 3 is on 11-Sep-2016.

Those who have attended for the TS Eamcet 2 Exam 2016, can now use thier existing TS Eamcet Hall Ticket 2016. Using your existing TS Eamcet Hall Ticket 2016 you can attend to the examintaion center. Again under JNTU Supervision TS EAMCET 3 Exam 2016 are going to held. Those who are preparing for the exam can follow the offical JNTU site to get TS EAMCET 3 Study Material. We will provide links to download the Syllabus & Study Material. 

Update 4: On, 01-Aug-2016, Telangana Eudcation Minister Sri Kadiyam Srihari, has offically announced that they are canceling TS Eamcet 2 Exam (02-Aug-2016). Due to recent Speculations about the paper leakage and CID Officals have arrested 5 out of 3 members based on banglore.

This is pathetic sitution for those who prepared well for the exam, we hope this could not happen. As there were 5 lakhs appeared for the TS Eamcet 2 Exam. Because of 30 students they cant cancel the hole exam process. 

So, tomorrow the board are going to announce the new dates for the TS Eamcet 2 dates. And also its expected to get announcment of TS Eamcet 3 Exam. Do follow us for more updates.

Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak

Update 3: Telangana Eamcet 2 Exam Cancled. As per the government officals, today government authorities have came infront of press conference and offically conformed that they are canceling Telangana Eamcet 2 Exam.

Update 2: In Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak, 3 of them have got arrested Today. It is believed that there are nearly 30 of them, who have been received the TS Eamcet 2 Paper before the exam. These students got TS Eamcet 2 Question paper from a printing press in Mumbai & Bengaluru. All of them got question paper few days before the exam and got prepared. Each of them have paid amount of 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs each in advance, once the exam completed they need to settle Rs. 15 Crore as a final Settlement.

Today i.e. 27-07-2016, the CID officers have arrested the accuse and taken into custody. At present 3 were arrested among 5 members (who are under this paper leakage).

As of now there were only rumors about the Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak, but now it is officially confirmed that the Eamcet 2 paper got leaked.   

Update 1: “TS Eamcet 2 Counselling got postponed for 1 week”, actually Telangana Eamcet 2 Counselling should conducted on 25-July-2016. But due to the speculation surrounded all over the state, that “Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak” the counselling got postponed. This is so sad to know that this news came out at the time of counselling date. Already board officials have complained and CID Officers have involved in this case we know this matter.

Yesterday, CID officials have registered an FIR, as they have found new clues in this case. The evidence has kept secret as it is confidential, CID officers has confirmed that they will soon solve this issue. Students need to be patient till case get solved, so no one need to get worry about the TS Eamcet 2 Counselling. The board will Soon declare the New Scheduled Dates for Telangana Eamcet 2 Counselling.

We will keep update this news regularly regarding Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak, keep follow us. Share your information in comment section.

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Did Telangana Eamcet 2 Paper Leake ‘ed

The highly anticipated EAMCET – II exam has been completed and the EAMCET 2 Results 2016 also announced online. As everything going under the scheduled manner, here comes some speculations that the Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak, this news gone viral and the board authorities seeking help from the CID officers.

There numerous candidates those who are waiting for admission into MBBS & BDS courses in Telangana. As the Telangana EAMCET 2 Results 2016 was announced on 13-July-2016 and nearly the authorities have arranged the dates for web counselling. But this news makes lot of Hypertension in student’s mind, those who have written the exam and waiting for the counselling this news makes them disappointed.

Reasons Behind Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak?

Telangana Director General of Police, Mr. Anurag Sharma has claimed on Wednesday i.e. 20-July-2016. That Crime Investigation Department to investigate on this scenario, there is no such clarity regarding this Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak. As the officials are getting into investigation and working out on the issues behind this issues.

However, when we meet with one of the media person, we here that “it might be a allegations which has been speculated by some group of people or else soon the CID officers get a clue in this case. Whatever it is the CID Officer will submit the case news within few days to the committee said by the authorized media person.

Telangana EAMCET 2 Paper Leak


What are Steps Taken in Eamcet 2 Paper Leak? What’s Next!

Mr. Ramana Rao, Convener of Eamcet has stated that they about to start admissions for MBBS & BDS on 25-July-2016. And at this time listening news it makes hypertension to parents as well as students, its matter of career. We advise students to not to panic, as there is some time for the admissions, and our CID Officer will submit all the clues within given time.

We will provide up to date information regarding this TS EAMCET II Paper Leak, stay tuned to this page for regular updates.

Anurag Sharma (DGP) in Telangana has ordered CID inquiry for fast recovery on the speculations spread all over the state. We have to wait and watch, what CID will submit to the DGP Anurag Sharma.

Out there many students are doing rally on TS EAMCET II paper Leak, on this issues the convener has submitted file to the CID inquiry.

How Many Applied for TS Eamcet II Paper Leak!

There are around 50,961 students who appeared for the entrance examination organized for admissions to MBBS & for BDS entrance exam 41,664 candidates have appeared for the entrance exam.

This figure is the qualified students number, so all these students are waiting for the admissions into MBBS & BDS. Due to this issue they are getting worry, whether the exam get canceled or will they get reschedule the admission dates. As of now there is not clear information about the Telangana Eamcet 2 Paper Leak. For clear news we have to wait for CID officer report.

17 thoughts on “Telangana EAMCET – II Paper Leak Conformend, New Dates for TS Eamcet 3 Exam

  1. sunitha

    eamcet-2 exam has to be conducted again as this will really do bad for the students who have sincerely studied for the exam. they might not get the seats and their carrier will lost.

    1. Ramakrishna

      Merit is always merits God knows was there any really leakage. But conducting entrance exam more than one time itself is very heavy and Govt has taken 2nd time. Conducting again is meaningless.If real leakage is there any guarantee that mistake will not be reapeated again in this big system of Goverenance.If any one purchased any leak paper only that set of people should be punished inspite of grinding all the public.

      1. Sama Khan

        I totally agree.. those people (involved in leakage) should be removed from ranking system and re-ranking should be done instead of re-exam.
        Who can assure this wont happen again?
        Re-exam (third time) won’t do any good to students,but will only triple the pressure.

        1. ramesh pitta

          yes, I totally agree, why the question is coming for re exam, it is base less if leakage is proved culprit should be punished and removed from ranking system and re-ranking should be done instead of re-exam.

          ramesh pitta

  2. Sama Khan

    I totally agree.. those people (involved in leakage) should be removed from ranking system and re-ranking should be done instead of re-exam.
    Who can assure this wont happen again?
    Re-exam (third time) won’t do any good to students,but will only triple the pressure.

  3. Ksrinivas

    I think punish the guilty only and spare the innocent kids who toiled for 2 years to come this’s not their fault

  4. syed

    but no one knows how many got benefited with this leaks..probably exam should be conducted once again

  5. E SRAO

    I sincerely agree with Mr. Syed. How many candidates got benefited out of this big leakage of question papers is not known to any body. though it is painful to all , certainly RE EXAMINATION IS TO BE CONDUCTED for doing justice to the meritorious students.

    1. Ramakrishna

      So it is the task of CID to find exactly who many have been exposed to leakage which can be find out easily by seeing the track record of every student. By doing this every one will be happy the way CID dealt the issue.

  6. venu

    already they have done a blunder by conducting eamcet-2 & once again if they think to re conduct the exam for the third time its merely a foolishness,& in this issue only sincere & hardworking students will be suffered a lot & tend to a severe mental agony.Atleast now govt should think wisely by punishing the people involved in this and they can go for reranking but not reexam since it is too late.

  7. LVRRao

    it is very big scam spreading three districts in TS and one in AP. There may be a few hundred students benefited by bad means and loss to merit students.Govt is not able to control such a small issue, how can they rule the state???

  8. dnt search me

    Hi.not to doubt about it they conduct re-exam[TSEAMCET -3] .Today CID REPORT send to kcr then tomorrow flash news .govt dosnt listen to parents rally if chance by listen, they only follow act of malpractice….thank you.

  9. Ch.Srinivasa Rao

    CS Rao
    Mr.Rajgopal Reddy, who was involved in PG Scam in 2014 is the main person in leakage of EAMCET-I&II. It is a question mark how he was not sentenced for PG Scam. If Govt. / Courts punished him severely punished him, the situation might not have raised and these many students and parents will not be suffered. From the media it is understood the practice of leakage is a regular phenomenon. Hardworking students are really suffering and under depression. The lost interest to study and write again. Government should take strict action against accused. .

  10. riyaz

    tseamcet 2 ,2016 examination confirmed leakage of papers if the ts govt decides to conduct the re-exam for tseamcet-2 it will not cause any harm to the meritorious students as such the ts govt has to conduct the re-exam in the interest of justice

  11. Kushala Goud

    yes, merit is always merit and these series of exams can filter the true merits….but in our country it’s a bad luck that mbbs seat is achieved only by rankers….it doesn’t mean that those who didn’t get seat getting rank are not merits and they don’t have right to become a doctor…some of them have more talent than the rankers….gov’t should think about it and should bring mbbs available for many students….

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