TOP 10: Bihar Toppers Scam-Film Ends with Arrest Warrant Issued towards Ex-BSEB.

By | June 15, 2016

Court Issued Warrant Against Bihar Toppers Scam:

Everyone know this Bihar Toppers Scam news, which is the hot topic of the town at that time. So we don’t need any introduction for the Bihar Toppers Scam News. But there should be ending for every film drama, while this issue should also come to an existence. As we know in recently released Bihar Results there are few toppers who gave interview to media persons. The answers which they answered to media persons have SHOCKED entire country for that answers. Both the toppers can’t even have told about the subjects in which they have qualified.

Bihar Toppers Scam 2016Girl Ruby Ray Scored best in 5.10 lakh student with score of 88.8% in Intermediate Arts from Bihar School Examination. She can’t even know what lecturer teach in Political Science. When media representative asked her about Political Science, she simply answered it’s all about Cooking. This shows how well Bihar Education System working. Find here what happens and the End.

Current Date Bihar Toppers Scam Climates Scene Explained:

Here present day have announced the arrest warrant towards Bihar School Examination Board Chairman. Probing him as main element of the case “Bihar Toppers Scam”. And some more victms also dragged by court warrant they are Chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad along with his wife have received notice of Bihar Toppers Scam Warrant Notice. And JDU MLA Usha Sinha, also linked with this toppers scam case. So court issued notice for all this reputed official members of the state. This shows Law is Equal to everyone.

Our Chief Judicial Magistrate, Patna Mr. Om Prakash has officially issued the arrest warrant toward the couple on an appeal made by police department of Bihar State.

JDU MLA, Sinha yesterday i.e. 14th June, 2016 has discharge the collage principal of Ganga Devi College in Bihar. He is a senior professor of that institution Mr. Kanchan Chakhaiyar. And She appointed Jr. Prof. Dilip Kumar Verma as principal of the college. Before she processes on leave after her call called in Bihar Toppers Scam. Where her husband & Ex- Board Chainman already primary victim of the Bihar Education Scam. Already interrogation is going on this scandal and all are highlighted officials are called up for the case investigation. So she also made one of the co-accused in this Bihar Toppers Scam.

Ending Scene Bihar Education Scam Here:

Not only this two candidates have attracted media presence. But also other toppers have attracted the presence of media representatives. So all the university authorities are called up all toppers of Bihar +2, and conducted special interview question & answer section personally. Nearly 10 professors of university have attended for the special interview conducted for Bihar Toppers.

Here main thing, Sinha went undercover last week & mean while she selected Verma as principal of the collage.

More about Sinha, she is didn’t contest in 2015 Assembly elections as her post want to Hilsa from Nalanda district had gone to RJD side. So she has to join the collage and situations made her principal of the collage. As of now all the situations want reverse.  

The main issue of issuing arrest warrant came into existence, due to the answers given by both the toppers Ruby Rai & Saurabh Shreshta to media representative.

However, we have to admit that our education system to improve. We can’t assume students like them be our future Engineers/ Doctors etc.

UPDATE: Its also known that Former JDU MLA Usha Sinha’s education degree are also fake. Read more information here.

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